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Crossing Gold Premium Collector Chest (Recommended Age: 15+ Years)

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Pokemon TCG: Crossing Gold Premium Collector Chest

The Guardian of the Sky and their sacred flame brings joy and eternal happiness to the few who bear witness. For the rare few, The Guardian of the Sky blesses them with rainbows and fire pulls. Expect premium slabs, packs, and a booster box when you order the Gold Premium Collector Chest. For $699, may this mythical creature bless you with sacred slabs and packed pulls for your collection! Limited Early Releases are available now through Dec 1st 2022 in our livestreams.


  • 2 Pokemon graded cards; Valued at $350
  • 1 Pokemon booster box (Sword & Shield or later); Valued at $144
  • 10 Pokemon packs; Valued at $165
  • 1 Crossing mystery god pack;  Valued at $10
  • 1 pack of Card Holders; 1 pack of card sleeves. Valued at $10
  • All product values are subject to a plus and minus $20 price range.

(Recommended Age: 15+ Years)