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Time Gazer Booster Box (Recommended Age: 15+ Years)

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Pokemon TCG: Time Gazer Booster Box

Pokemon 2022 S10D Time Gazer series booster pack. It was only available at the Pokemon Center and a few toy stores in Japan, starting in April, 2022. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, THEY WERE ONLY SOLD BY LOTTERY AT THE POKEMON CENTERS!!! Each pack contains 5 random cards. PLEASE NOTE: There are holofoil cards in this series, but they are NOT in every pack. They are randomly inserted. The full set contains 67 cards plus 12 SR, 6 HR and 3 UR cards (Total of 88 cards in the set). The series has new Generation 8 characters as well as some of the older Pokemon characters.

Includes: 30 booster packs. Each pack contains 5 random cards

(Recommended Age: 15+ Years)